king of the howman started today, pretty over there only being 2 teams. I've heard a rumour that the black bish's team are going down. team empty deekies all day long.

first spot was civic, we got hoyed off by a blatent pedophile.

the kiwi is all about shake junt.

hammers went down at queens bank.

lazerflip steve layed down his signature move, the standing still switch tre.

the kiwi got pretty gnarly, early grab off the roof. it resulted in an epic bursting.

a boat was on the session at river 5.

as was the gooch.

as was team mascot, the piwi.

danny brady v.2

afro josh loves having a broken arm and not being able to skate.

heelflip got his emo on and lay on the floor crying for a bit, yeah heelflip mark.

the kiwi is claiming kiwi's down leazers 13 tommorow, EHHHHHHH!

love buster.