the kiwi bought his favourite alphabet sweets and set up a rad picture. hopper v.2 on the session.

heelflip mark and glen were on the session in subway.

then we went to harry bastard banks. areet the gooch every spot sit down? slack as fuck.

harry bastard is probably the worst spot in newcastle.

ben_c got gnarly. pointer shralp in on the corner.

the piwi hates immigrants. they come over here taking his jobs. stoked on the BNPiwi.

team photos went down, seen as how my flash burst a few weeks ago and i have to hold my lens on it was session over.

chris cole got over the team photo and cavemaned over it.

the kiwi was also pretty over it.

ben_c's all about dropping into that gnarly blinky drop in when its raining. hammers may or may not have gone down.

when afro josh get's over shredding in his mario kart and alex gets over wearing flares the edit will get done.

love buster.