wasteland jam.

today was the wasteland jam. the weather was pretty shit but it was sick!

i thought it was just blinky taking the piss out of him but it turns out that joev does actually go scuba diving. he's in a scuba diving club and goes once a week. stoked on that.

wiley was on the session sitting down, being ripped and farting. yeah wiley.

people from middlesbrough layed down crailslides.

the jam got hooked up with free redbull. wizzley snipes was stoked.

blinky drank his redbull like the king of shralp he is.

dan dvs isn't quite a king of shralp, in fact he split redbull all over himself but he still got it done.

then he got over it and necked some cowies.

some redbull would be iyte!!!!

bob threw down hat drink coordination steez.

rad ned was laying down australian hammers as usual.

irish joe killed it and took home major prize. he had two pairs of shoes and loads of other shit when he left.

little connor was on his way to the show.

the black bish and dave were on their way to the mother land. props to dave for organising the jam.

bingo had the judging on lock down.

props to tom kirkby for supplying the red bull. shame he plays fixie polo.

irish gunz frontside flip on the hip.

irish joe k the rail.

irish joe caught some gnarly air out of the jump ramp.

orange t shirt guy shut down the jump ramp. melon late front 180. watching him shred took joev back to the days when he used to skate jump ramps with keenan milton and tom penny.

ben ldl shuv tail grab.

orange t shirt guy ate some shit.

bob also put down jump ramp hammers.

orange t shirt guy indy.

orange t shirt guy insane melon steez.

orange t shirt guy melon picture v.2.

i stuck stickers all over rob_c's back.

when he realised i told him it was joev.

love buster.