jeffro lent me a flash for manny mania yesterday. the blog went off in native.

the slackie reminds me of santa claus in this picture. pretty real.

tom fone was on the session begging for some prizes for his fixie competition.

he busted out some artfagtastic skids.

the slackie is all about blind.

kurt v.2 was on the work experience session. getting sent to bet on horses and buy the slackie his beloved boost and can of coke all day, stoked!

shameless self promotion.

then i got over native and went to the black bish's house. the kiwi was on the session.

adam read the gay times.

matty smith was on the session.

then we went to dove ledge. the kiwi was claiming hammers. adam got roof top angles.

the kiwi ate shit.

then may or may not have got it done.

manny mania blog coming in a few hours, deekies time.

love buster.