Its winter, so it now it bridges every saturday

Danny and The Cougar love it

Danny has Pop...

But so does the Cougar

Danny Flip

Backside flip.

BlahBag2 aka Adam stitt was stoked, he hates cables.


Overall spaz

The Cougar was over him, he nosebonked him in the head. He was later rushed to hospital and is in a coma, he is now been kept alive by cables. Ironic

L.S.R.T.C, Lazerflip Steve's Runescape Tweaker Clan were chilling

He "Pwns in the wildy"

Rob C is secretly a mortal radgie

Two bearded Wizards

Marty snaked my Karate

Ben2fakie_C epic caveman

Blinky realised that he wasn't the gnarliest person anymore, he wasn't stoked