London again

So I haven't been blogging much because I always forget my camera or I forget to take photos when I have it but here's a cheeky few photos.

Dan came down for Manny Mania. It was freezing cold and I was over skating it as Sean Smith was doing nollie front heel switch manny on the kicker to block pretty much every go.

After Manny Mania we went to Morley's chicken shop to get some legit ghetto chicken. Morley's chicken is right next to my flat and recently made headline news for someone having their hand chopped off with a machete in there. Realise.

So I blogged quite hard when Dan was here but on my film camera so hopefully I'll get that developed and we can have a v2 of this blog.

This weekend was my last weekend skating in the big smoke. We decided to go to London Bridge because we had the day off but it turned out it was shut so being gully we hopped the fence.

London Bridge park is sick. You have to be in the right mood for it but if you're up for it it's sick. Loads of transition, loads of blocks and loads of things to much about on. The vert wall at the back is particularly superb.

The night before we'd hit the session and I had my head split open off a girl so we quickly realised that being in a skatepark covered in bird shit in the freezing cold was not the best idea so we did. We hopped back out and then just skated around London till it went dark.

Since I have very little to blog here's my mate Tom doing a big ol tre at Mile End.