Rammo in the main room.

Jack Richardson came to visit me in London last weekend. Feeling worse for wear, i battled the sickness and dizzyness and headed out with the objective of shred. First spot was Euston banks, small brick banks fun fun fun, unfortunately i forgot to put my memory card into my camera so no footage from this spot, the memory card situation was rectified later. Next, we attempted to skate the black marble bank at Euston. Too steep, too busy, slippy enough for Torvil and Dean and a pretty serious crack at the bottom.

 2.16 on this.

Respect for going in that thing switch blindside.

Next spot was cantelowes skatepark, too busy, we left. Skating back to the Tube we spotted a pretty sweet curb which was sessioned briefly. got a couple of clips, a kickflip which could rival Mike carrols and a backtail which wouldnt look out of place in a Gino part.
Then we decided to skate along the Thames towards London bridge, it was dark by this point and footage was just about out of the question. Dont worry though, jack only went and  kickflipped the fuck out of this bank. As you can tell this particular try wasnt landed, couldnt really be bothered to sort the timing out on my camera.
skated about a bit more, past a lot of knobbed marble, a rapper filming a music video and
someone trying to film a backtail bigspin. Then we went back to mine. jack got fish and chips, 
i was not on it. Had a couple of chips
though.we were fed and watered and ready to party
. My house mate knew of a houseyp in camberwell so off we trotted.
ma chambre. 

Party shot. notice the bottle of baileys, best party drink i think i've seen, the girl who was drinking it kindly gave us the rest. we drank it, i pissed out the window, we left, got some chicken and strawberry fanta and woke with awful hangovers. the end.