slackness over

shit got real and i got slack, no longer slack, the deekies is back, session on.

i've not skated much during my slackness but i've still been blogging hammers.
a mortal shanking.
wizzley snipes breakdance hammers.
i got a fisheye @s.
are you tripping?
my house is haunted, the biscuit got over it and decided to have rick with the ghost. it gave him a pretty brutal tickling.
then it choked him too death @s.
biscuit x over.
little connor got sentenced to some hard time in the prison cupboard for being a dick.
not stoked.
he got let out on probation and enjoyed his first meal as a free bairn.
eating baked beans with his hands, that's how little connor rolls.
dan dvs sampled the sweet cheeba.
it sent him into a fit of rage.
he thought he was at the show, deep in the mosh and started rocking out.
he brought the beatdown.

then he layed down some hammers.
the shred went off.
i have been skating a few times, the PWBCiwi was on the session at bridges.
as was chong.
blind johnny's flash interception, pretty stoked.
danny backside flip over the bin.
jamie blunt fakie the extension.
tre flip catch the extension.
The yoda got a car and is taking us to war of the roses on saturday. expect the best blog yet.
love buster.