Hips ahoy.

So I've finished uni for a while and since all the little kids that ruin every skatepark are still at school we decided to go to Meanwhile 2.

So this is the only photo we got there because it's dim and I have a pretty basic camera which can't deal with boards spinning. This hip is insane amounts of fun and if you go on a school day it's usually empty. An interesting fact about Meanwhile 2 is that London Tom's boyhood friend ,Sam Charlesworth, was shot with a tazer here by a group of rudeboys.

So a while back we got told about a rad hip that was in SE17 which is where we live. We've never been that arsed to go to it because we weren't too sure where it was. We decided on Friday to put the effort in and Google mapped the area till we found it. I've seen it in videos and it doesn't look that steep but in reality it's like Harry Bastard banks if the builder had lost the cement and replaced it with hatred.

So I was completely over skating it as a hip due to being very sleepy but Nick was up for it. He front ollied it pretty quickly but sadly it decided to piss it down before he could try anything else.

And then because I'd barely popped my board at all I did a shady back ollie and went home to nap.

Love Mellon