Pigs Behind The Wigs - Saturday.

The weather looked perfect for skating yesterday, but when we arrived at Spillars, we were met with horrible horrible wind. Matty still wanted to film himself a trick, I myself was over trying to skate the rail. Sketchiest spot ever.
Bishna was on filming duties, Pigs in Wigs hitting it hard.

Bangers.Tricks were landed, Hopper celebrated. "Shearer Shearer!"
We couldn't handle anymore of Spillers so we were on our way to find the next spot of the day.
Next spot - Sandyford school. I don't know why I haven't been taken to this place before. Hoy the bench at the top of the bank and I will skate it for hours. Plenty of footage was bagged here from everyone.
Lock up your daughters...Some tricks I managed to catch on camera...

After this we ended up getting a bit slack, wondered town a bit and then back to the home of Bish and Joe. Tony Yeboah in it for the fanny.
Joe couldn't resist a nollie heel in the flat. First go.
Don't you hate it when you do a trick, then as soon as it is going to be filmed you can't land it and burst everything...