So today was Ghetto Sean's annual game of S.K.A.T.E and this year it took place at Dynamix skate park. Let the haters hate.

The event's security was on top form, no one was getting past this bouncer...
Ghetto was ready to gather the contestants.Jimbo was attending to defend his title, and win enough money for some pints.Andy O attended to kick you off the ramps, make sure you had a helmet and to skate away on your board now and then.Homies at the ready to watch the action through the clouds of dust.First round. Glen lost.Will won his game...against Steve. There is such thing as a bad winner.
The winners of the first round were ready to do some shuvs and that to see if they could make it to the finals...but this Irish man was the last one standing with Jamie C coming in second. He wasn't so stoked when he realised the event wasn't for money this year. No pints tonight Jimbo.Ben C and his homie Beanie Tom couldn't give a shit about the game of S.K.A.T.E and hit the vert until the park closed...Then Ghetto got ready for his next event...Strictly Come Skating.
Adam...Meldy Top 5, coming soon.