start it off on O.A.T tazo met the A.C.E

session started off at bridges, it was shit. next spot @.
we went to this pretty rad park. fuck knows where it was. biscuit hip air.
biscuit melon.
wee man indy, over the ramp cut.
then we went to fat field gap. wee man backside flip.
joe switch frontside flip.
crouching biscuit, hidden quippet.
the biscuit whipped out his parkor hammers and leaped over the gap pretty much at the top of the bank. On the side with the water aswell. fuck that.
then we went to penshaw. i had forgotten how much of an absolute session penshaw is. joe got some mad air. note the horns.
the biscuit beast of a melon.
greg 'element child' wilson debut dD appearance?
wee man kickflip the hip.