Pigs wore Wigs

So many years ago a young asian skateboarder with a heart of gold and a love for bukake made a skateboard film called Take It To The Mole, this revolution in skateboards films through the young skateboarder into the spotlight. After a few years out to handle his drug and alcohol addictions the young asian found redemption by making his second film, the cleverly named Bishcam. Since then skateboarding has matured and so has film making, last night was the unveiling of the mammoth video that is Pigs In Wigs made by our own Krishna Muthurangu. Most scene videos are 25 minutes long but Bish wanted to have everyone who'd been involved in the project in the video so we treated to an hour of rad.

All in all, I thought it was fucking awesome, the video was great, the turnout was insane and the night was full of memories that will haunt/entertain me for years to come.

Cheers to everyone who came out and made it another awesome Newcastle premiere.

I did not have my blogger with me so here is a selection of blurry photos.

Being the superstars that we were, Bish and myself arrived at the premier in the back of a white van with Neill's dog lying on our feet. Fighting our way through the angry children to get in was not as fun as I thought it would be.

Massive turn out which is rad. I couldn't fit in the whole room so multiply this by about 2 and you have a good guestimate of how many people were there.

After the premiere the party moved onto the Tyne Bar which got taken over by skaters, was rad to see everyone out.

Hey look everybody, it's Adam Stitt, he's drank far far too much alcohol.
If you want to witness the fitness then have a deeks at Buster's video. Oh Stitt, you'll be regretting this for a few years yet.

After the Tyne Bar we hit up The Tanners where the festivities continued. It is a tradition that before the premiere of any video he is involved in, Bish will drink a lot of alcohol so he doesn't get too worried about what people will think. Pigs in Wigs was no exception and he ended the night whiteying outside the bar. Oh you devilish Asian, we love you.

Then after the Tanners through a series of events I can't recall, we ended up in Krash. Empty Life crew were in Heaven and went about grinding on girls to Iron Maiden. I think consistently they all necked on with at least one girl and in one young skateboarders case, a lot of girls.

Pretty much, the night was sick, the video was sick and Bish was sick.