Skateboarding never looked this good.

So last night a large amount of the Newcastle skate scene were out getting groovy in the disco. I became a Bacardi Breezer Geezer and got mega loose but woke up feeling totally fresh so decided to call everyone to get them to enjoy the day.

Everyone dragged themselves to Native and the decision was made to not skate anything proper cos we're all puffs and felt dead wobbly and that.

Me and Black Bish have been consistently putting the sex back into chronic illness' since day one.

There was a decent crew out and we sessioned smooth path for a while.

Little Will isn't old enough to drink so we didn't let him sit with us because he's not as cool. He could at least take up smoking or something to up his street cred.

"Thunder trucks, the leaders in control" They're so good that I have to super glue the nuts on so my wheels don't fall off.

We decided to go to Sandyford School because the bench is back, we stopped at some spots along the way but I was super sleepy and the camera was in the bottom of my bag so I couldn't be arsed to take photos. Lazerflop Steve also did not go drinking last night so we let him go to Sandyford on his own for a bit to think about what he'd done.

I was starting feeling the effects of drinking a bright coloured alcopop which is primarily marketed at gays and teenagers so hit up the chip shop for battered sausage and chips. Me and Tom are classy guys so set up a nice little picnic table for lunch. This was not popular with everyone else as it was the bench and the bigger table but sometimes you have to pay to have such well mannered gentleman as your friends.

Bish has a dead good camera and was taking photos of people skateboarding rather than people sitting about with skateboards. Some would say that's a more appropriate approach to documenting the Newcastle skate scene.

Remember that blog Shredability? Nah, me neither.

Kurt did some stunts that were pretty rad. A lot of people felt he was the MVP of the day but I felt my whining and lack of skating was probably as important to a good session.

We then all split up and we hit up the wallrides on Stepney Bank which were fun for all of two minutes. As you can see I through down hammers and continued to push the standard of Newcastle skating ever forward.

The day finished with a visit to the Black Bish's newly cleaned sky plaza of ass licking. We were watching the TV and saw his auntie on Come Dine With Me which is pretty rad.