A Wee Gem

So, trawling the interwebs as I do, when I'm up before everyone else in the Digital Deekies hQ, I stumbled upon a geet lovely video by the fine people at Insight. It combines all of my favourite things... skateboarding... at night... mad tricks... all in one session... at indoor spots that must have been landed first try. Now I know that to make this ALL of my favourite things we would have to include peanut butter and icecream, but points for trying anyway.
I don't quite know how I feel about the VHS look yet especially when it's in 16:9 but what evsazzz. I don't care because it's Jack Kirk laying down the biggest hammers he could find in BnQ. Check out the Vimeo channel too because there's a few other treats from the likes of Jamie Thomas, Jamie Tancowny and (if you've seen the Australia Diamond Days tour) Nick Boserio.