Barcelona x dD

A few months ago I invited myself on a Barcelona trip with Lewis, M.C. Michael Kelly and Chips. Last week we flew out for a taste of summer sun, steezy nollie crooks and buttery ledges... which is exactly what we got.

We drank cerveza, checked out lasses and laid down the shred. See Lewis here striking his holiday pose before heading straight to Mc Donalds. We also saw Jesus Fernandez snap a child's board at Macba because he couldn't land a trick. Ask Lewis for details.
We got carried away teasing Chips. He left us a few times as he was pretty over it. Here you see Chips returened to the group on our last evening together. I was stoked. Chips was not.
I didn't take many skateboarding photos however here he is Lewis with a Bs Powerful slide feat. Arc de Triomf.
Very very steeze.
This happened every morning. Chips was not as happy about it as he looks.
Chips was so over us we had to dismantle the lock from inside so he would hang out with us.
 This was our tourist day... and the reason why skateboarding is better than everything else.
Next time anyone sees M.C Michael please call him a racist because that is what he is.

I would like to make it aware of how honored I am to make a post on the worlds most prestigious and exclusive blog out there, lets hope its not the last.