West Jesmond

As nearly all of Newcastle was skating at this spot there has already been much blogging of the day. Anyway here are my pics of the day.
Click to enlarge photo's.

Jamie with a sw bs bluntslide.

He then took a slam filming his line.

Stitt learnt bluntslides and did them very fast.

He then realised he was late for saving the world against Alien's, so he prepped his rocket launcher and disappeared to save society...maybe.

Tom threw down some half cabs over the benches.

Checking some footy.

Matty wanted the full sized one for a ollie. So he placed it and only went and ollied it and bs ollied it. I only took a pic of the ollie.

Kurt took a smith to the top of the bench.

Matty had a 180 nosegrind for it.

Once again as I didn't know which photo I like better.

The day ended with Tom Fone mastering the art of the heelflip, regular and fakie.

Going to start using my camera for the reason I bought it soon, that of videos. So hopefully going to be posting some overly arty vids soon.